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About us


Try Vegan focuses on what veganism is all about, eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to show people what they should eat by focusing on a healthy diet rather than restricting people by telling them what they should not be eating. The most common question vegans are asked is "What do you eat?" Which is the exact question Try Vegan sets out to answer. We want to let people know veganism is not about tofu and meat alternatives, it is about freshly prepared vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts... and it really does taste good! 

The best way to push a message forward is to get out there and show people, which is why Try Vegan started as a food truck and has evolved into a clothing line as well. Our mobile bistro is based out of central New Jersey and menu includes plenty of nut and gluten free options. We want to make veganism something everyone can be willing to try!


Our name says it all...Try Vegan, You might just like it!