The East coast's Vegan food truck

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And then there were two




Look at that Vinyl

Well, we finally were able to get the truck all stickered up. Now it looks like a real food Truck! We are so happy with how it came out and that you to sun Pro Graphics for hooking it up!


Fall 2015

Here it is!

This truck as it stands right now. It was a long summer Converting this old heating and burning truck into a food truck, but all that hard work has finally paid off. The truck is EQUIPPED with blenders, a three bay sink, hand wash sink, electricity, freezers, refrigerators, counters, and a shiny red paint job thanks to some rubbing compound, turtle wax, and a ton of elbow grease. 

Once we have a few events under our belt we will put some vinyls on the truck and make it look even better!

Summer 2015

Here are some pictures of the process the truck went through this summer to become what it was to what it is now. 

Spring 2015 

As of right now, it is in the shop for repairs to get it on the road

Next steps: Customize it, Outfit it, and Wrap it.