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20% of the u.s. POPULATION vegan by the year 2020


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Our Mission

Try Vegan focuses on what veganism is all about, eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. The most common question vegans are asked is "What do you eat?" Which is the exact question Try Vegan sets out to answer. We want to let people know veganism is not as restrictive as some may think and it can actually open up a whole new world full of culinary adventure!

The best way to spread a message is to go to the people are rather than waiting for them to come to you. This has been Try Vegan's motto since the beginning and it  still holds true


⦿ Our vegan food trucks can be found at the biggest and best festivals throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and the east coast

⦿ Our meal delivery service is available in the state of New Jersey

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⦿ Our app is available on Google play and the iOS App Store 


Our goal to has always been to make veganism awesome - In 2018 our dream is coming true!


The Future is now.

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